DigiContract had a general idea of how they wanted their application to operate, but needed assistance in designing their beta.
A look at the advise tab on an in progress contract. 
As the Lead Product Designer on the project, I was in charge of designing the application and creating a product design system flexible to handle future needs.
To start, I re-organized the overall architecture of the application based on user testing within our organization. I made changes to the existing structure based on where usability tests showed that it was succeeding or failing. For example, I found that “Drafts” and “Saved Files” were interconnected yet serving different purposes, so I separated the two sections of the app and renamed them to be “Contract Templates” and “In Progress.”

Here's the "Draft" view from the initial product brief. It became clear that users were confused whether templates or unfinished contracts were drafts. 

A look at the newly separated Contract Templates and In Progress tabs

When creating the home dashboard, I identified the target user base (lease professionals and accountants of 30-50 years without law degrees) and re-oriented the design to focus on offering the most helpful information for that group: providing live insight into what contracts need attention based on either progress or recent events.

With the overall structure updated, I then used the Brand & UI Styleguide that I had created to mock up the UI for the core and templated pages.

A look at the dashboard with live alerts and charts 

A look at tables and graphs from the Brand & UI Styleguide that established the UI design system